Many people want to get started with their business, or help their businesses run smoother. Since I manage multiple passions, I’m often asked what products and services I use and recommend. Here is a list of products and services that I’ve PERSONALLY used or am still using and HIGHLY recommend all of them. Some of the links listed are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission or money off a service that I use if you purchase.

Here We Go:

Calendar Scheduling Service – starts at the price of Free99

Acuity Scheduling

Social Media Scheduling Service – You didn’t think I scheduled all those posts manually did you?! LOL.


Note-taking Cloud Service – You want to have this in case something happens to your computer, iPad or phone. You can access on or offline.


Email Marketing Platform – You WANT to have an email list because you don’t own your followers and can’t reach them if something were to happen to social media platforms. Collect emails and market to them.

Get Response  This is the service I currently use. I like Aweber better, but I needed more features.

Aweber    I started with this service and used it for 2 years. GREAT for starting.

Payment System – You need a place to take payments. If you’re talking to someone, you can avoid saying, go to my website and place the order. Pull out your payment system, get the $$ and place the order for them. I like these because you can use this with a card reader or just online app.



Video Conferencing – To conduct trainings or meet with clients one or one. I use these for team meetings as well. 

Zoom – free for conferencing 40 minutes or less. Paid if you need longer sessions.

Get Response – see above under email marketing.  This service is available within the email service.

Facebook Live – Create a group and serve your people right on Facebook.

Periscope – You can conduct public or private scopes. You will need email addresses or Periscope names.

Conference Call Software – An alternative to video conferencing. You can meet with several people at once via phone.

Freeconferencecall.com – You can conduct free conference calls and host video meetings.

As people see the need for more, I will add those. However, to start a business, you truly don’t need much more than an email service, a calendar scheduling app, and a payment system. Everything else enhances the experience, but certainly not a necessity!