As I sit here with a bowl of chili in hand, it hit me like a ton of bricks …. omg, this is the number one reason people fail at weight loss!

Let me back track a bit and then meet you at today. Last night, I wanted something sweet …. anything really, and I’m not a “sweets” girl. It’s just that I’ve been on the 30-Day Program and cutting out refined sugar is one aspect of the program.

Any other day that I am not on the program, I never get sweet cravings. It’s really just not my thing. All of a sudden though, it is, or at least has been since last night. So up I went, to the grocery store and bought up the entire store! Thankfully though, I arrived back home without anything I shouldn’t have. As I intentionally pranced down the cookie aisle in search of my favorite natural cookies with the best ingredients, I realized that I didn’t need it. Instead, I picked up 2 bags of treats that were perfectly suitable for killing my cravings and 30-Day approved!

So back to today. I’m sitting here with chili in hand. I made it with bold seasoning flavors, topped it with my favorite brand of Vegan cheese, along with a garnish of red onion and avocado. Just one bite of it and omg, it was delicious! There was one thing missing …. crackers! Here we go again. I don’t normally eat crackers, but when I do, it must be on the 30-day program when I’m eating chili! Like, give me a break already.

Three bites in and my mind is saying, you NEED the crackers. In all of that, I reminded myself why I’m doing this and what the sacrifice means to me. And that’s when it hit me …. the number one reason fail to lose weight is the ability to say no to themselves. If their mind says they need it, they say, “Sure, let me work on that.”

The thing is, you have control over your mind. You have to think about what you want MOST over what you want NOW. It’s a hard thing to do, but right now I’m a few paragraphs into this post and about 20 spoonfuls into my chili and not once have I indulged in that cracker. Now if you’re wondering why I’m avoiding the crackers, in short, I’ll just say because I’m eliminating gluten products for 30-days: but that could be another story in itself. Getting back to this, I realize the mind’s job is to provide me with whatever will make me comfortable, but that doesn’t mean that the comfort is necessary.

Fueling up on the sweets and crackers will make the body “feel good,” but it’s not good for the body. If you find yourself saying, “It’s okay this one time,” just know that you’re weakening your muscle of willpower. In order to get stronger, you must exercise it and say no. Don’t say, I’ll work it off, I’ll run if off, I earned this, or I deserve it. Truth is, you don’t deserve the after effects it has on your body, mood, and ultimately your lack of progress as a result of not saying no.

So the next time you think, I’ll eat it just this once …. think about WHY you decided to make the change in the first place. Longer life? Energy? Feel better? Whatever it is, that reason has to be stronger than the desire you feel at a given moment. To learn more about the 30-Day program and get on track, click here.

You’ve got this, girlfriend!



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