Real Talk! I literally started my business so that women like you can wake up every day and crush it! I’m so sick and tired of fad diets and the misinformation out there that I vowed to make sure I helped people make their transformation a habit they can live with for LIFE!  So if you're tired of the dieting hamster wheel and the yo-yo weight loss, take the journey WITH me.  I'm excited to be a part of your life!

Here's the Deal, Girlfriend!

I'm not successful unless you are! I'm not here to give you a dream you can't fulfill.  

I KNOW you've done many programs, diets, and used gadgets before, but I can assure you this isn't that.  

I KNOW you've spent tons of money already and haven't gotten results, but this isn't that. 

As someone who took 8 years to lose weight because of all the lies out there, I'm on your side.  If you work with me, I'll not only help you reach your goals, I'll help you show others how to do it too.  


How Do I Do That?

  1. By showing you practical ways to get healthy meals on the table & fit your workouts in - even if you're super busy! Trust me. I've been there and still there .... Fit's possible! 

  2. By helping you change habits one by one so that eventually, your day changes become life's rituals. 

  3. By giving you the blueprint to take control of your own choices so you don't have to rely on anyone.  Sure you may need support here and there, but you should never have to go back to start. 

Lea Daily Fitness Zone

 In case you haven't met me yet, my name Lea Thompson. 

  I'm just a crazy, weird, and sometimes, not often, laid back type of girl.  I'm a mama to alllllllll girls - no boys, except the husband (ha-ha), and I'm into all things health and fitness! It's my jam, actually. 

Just like you, I've had life events (babies and stress) that has run me down and reshaped my body. I know how frustrating it feels to work hard, sweating endlessly in the gym, cutting calories and giving up all your fave foods, yet never truly reach your goals. But, I also know how it feels to overcome all the obstacles that were in the way to see your goal become a real, kick-ass reality, to boast a body that you finally feel confident in.  

So there you have it. Straight ... in the raw...transparent, little old me. I'm not here with any fluff, or any tips and tricks that will get you immediate short-term results. It doesn't work. I'm not going to tell you that you'll lose 10 lbs. by next week by working with me.  Not because it's not possible, but because those types of results are not "real." It's the fluff that gives you hope, but leaves you broke paying for all the gimmicks.  You won't find that here. 

I basically will give you the real deal. You will get a practical plan that you can customize to fit your life and tweak as it changes. You will learn what fuels your body, what keeps it from performing properly, and the extra little steps that nobody tells you about.  

Let's face it. It's a difficult journey. With all the conflicting information, it's difficult unless you're a professional in the area to know what's real and what's not.  But finally .... finally .... there is someone here who is on your side and can drown out the noise so that you get exactly what you need.

And that girl is ME! 

Cooking Videos

Here's the long and short of it all

You don't need a fancy pants gym or be a 5-star chef to get the job of reaching your goals, done.  

I've helped many women who felt the same way as you, who had no time like you, no energy like you, and no hope like you.  And guess what, they did it. 

And girlfriend, so can you! 

My fitness expertise and motivational fitness apparel have been featured in the media from here to Europe. I've been able to touch thousands of lives .... but I'm not done yet! 

You're here and I'll be committed to helping you change your life too.

It's not easy, girlfriend, but it's worth it. And, I'm here to help you through!