A whole-foods diet is the FAST track to over-all health improvement and weight loss benefits.
It’s hard to do it alone though because we live in a world where all the things posing as food is cheap and plentiful! Like you can buy a bag of chips for $1.00, but a bag of apples are $5.oo! And organics are way more than the conventional brands …..

….so you start off wanting to eat right, but then you think it’s too hard or expensive and then you quit! 

You’re NOT alone! I’d like to say that everyone has been there at least once, including me.

I was the YO-YO dieting queen ….. but then I realized I needed some things in my life to be successful ….

KNOWLEDGE – many of us “think” we know what to do, but there’s so much MISinformation out there

SUPPORT – if you don’t have people on the same journey as you, they will throw you off track every time

ACCOUNTABILITY – we all need someone to help us focus on our why or when it gets hard, we quit

That is what this 30- Day challenge (and beyond) provides.


It is the Ultimate Clean Eating Plan designed to help you rediscover your body’s true balance. In 30-Days, YOU WILL:

  • Reprogram your body & mind for healthier choices, and reset your metabolism

  • Detox impurities, regain energy, lose weight, and feel healthier than you ever have

  • Decrease sugar and carb cravings, and remove trapped fat resulting in weight loss

Not only do we help you get healthy, we make it fun!! Once you click join to get started, here’s what happens:

  • I send you a confirmation email with how to order your challenge materials (or you can schedule a call with me and I’ll order it for you).

  • You will be added to our private 30-Day Challenge Facebook group, and receive a link to an additional support group.

  • You will receive materials (shipped to your door) that contains a Healthy Living Support Guide.

  • You will be encouraged to check in regularly to report progress, share challenges, recipe ideas, and support to other members.

  • Within 30-60 days, most participants experience the loss of toxic food cravings, increased energy, and, or course, WEIGHT LOSS. In fact, the average weight loss is 12-15lbs per month for women and 20-30lbs for men.

Whether you’re new at this and you need an immersion program to get you started, or you’ve been living this way for a long time but you need to get serious, you’re in the right place. We provide the right resources and support so you can focus on what matters the most …. YOU!

This 30-Day Program will:

  • Take the Guesswork out of making healthy choices

  • Provide done for you sample meal plans 

  • Provide gluten-free recipes (vegan and vegetarian options available as well)

  • Daily Healthy Living Education (so you can maintain the lifestyle after the challenge)

  • Continuous resources & support after the challenge is over 

Here’s What You Will Get:



  • 30-60 day supply of vegan, gluten-free, nutritional supplements
    most of us DON’T eat enough nutrients to get the vitamins and minerals we need. So we provide beneficial supplements (don’t worry …. there are NO pills)

  • Healthy Living Support Guide with cheat sheets, progress trackers, nutritional information, and motivation 

  • Weekly Grocery Shopping Lists 

  • Sample Meal Plans

  • Weekly Recipes (vegan & vegetarian too)

  • Private Facebook support group 

  • Opportunities for prizes and free samples

If you struggle with being too busy to eat better and often fall victim to the snack machine, eating out, or skipping meals altogether, this is FOR YOU!

The meals are absolutely delicious! 

You’ll even get recipes to curb your salty and sweet tooth cravings: 

Finally …. You Will Be Able To: 

  • Reach your goals FASTER than you ever have

  • Cut Body Fat and keep up with a clean & lean body

  • Increase your confidence and happiness levels

  • Find new friends and make real relationships with like-minded people

Join the Others Who Have Found Success

Here’s What Others Have Said

“I’m so grateful for you Lea! I tried many many programs and spent THOUSANDS of dollars trying to lose weight. I even went to one of the top hospitals for shots weight loss treatment and those didn’t do anything for me. I was on my last leg, very depressed, ready to go and get surgery, and then someone told me about you. I can’t believe you were able to do what others weren’t able to do, and at a fraction of the cost. I’m forever thankful for you!”


“Wow! Only a few days and I’ve lost more pounds in these days than I have trying to do it on my own. I was depressed and had lost hope. Lea’s program gave me life again. I now want to get out of bed and continue what I started. I’ve also grown to be able to do the exercises unmodified. I’m so proud of myself. She’s definitely AMAZING!”


“Lea is a hard worker, very caring, and very professional. I’ve already recommended several people to her because everyone I meet asks me what I did to lose the weight, and all I can say is, talk to Lea! She’s phenomenal.”


“I thought for sure I was going to do Lea’s program and get back to eating my usual foods I typically craved. That’s what happened after every diet. For example, I used to drink a case of Pepsi everyday! I cooked whatever I wanted to eat and didn’t worry about anything. But, after I had a heart attack, that scared me. I tried Lea’s program and she taught me how to consume alternatives that were satisfying and healthier, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t even think about Pepsi anymore. She definitely inspires me to keep making little changes each day.”



You Only Live Once – So Make it Last

If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change, the first thing you need to do is START NOW!
As people, we innately DON’T embrace change, so if you think about, your brain will talk you out of it.

Here’s the truth – YOU CAN DO THIS!

It can seem overwhelming at first, but it’s not. People have said this was way easier than they thought. Plus, the support is SECOND TO NONE. You will be surrounded by like-minded people. These people share your challenge start date, your challenge end date, and they’re all going for the same goal as you.

Having someone who understands you, in addition to your own personal level of accountability is 100% monumental in your overall success.

  • We will encourage you to push past your limits and self-doubt

  • We will show you how to enjoy the journey

  • We will show you that you are a champion and you will succeed

Don’t Think. Just Join.

Meal and snack photos are actual recipes on the plan, and prepared by actual challengers. Special thanks to Selah Photography for images provided.